Students and Parents

Frequently Asked Questions

What does participation involve?

Graduating seniors will complete a 10-minute survey in the spring of their senior year. Students who complete the survey will be chosen at random to receive 15 to 20 text messages during the summer after high school about tasks they need to complete to enter the college they intend to attend in the fall. Some students will also continue receiving text messages during their first year in college related to tasks associated with renewing their financial aid and registering for courses. Students can opt out of text messages at any time. Students who are not randomly selected to receive the intervention will continue to have access to all supports and assistance otherwise provided by the college they plan to attend.

Why should I participate?

The intervention will provide information about tasks that students need to complete in order to enroll and persist in the specific college they plan to attend. While this information is also available on college websites, the text messages will break down the multi-step process with timely reminders to complete tasks, direct links to necessary forms and information, and the option to text with a live person who can answer students’ questions. The light touch intervention is designed to promote college enrollment and persistence while reducing the burden on students.

How will you protect my information?

American Institutes for Research (AIR) has extensive experience with the management of sensitive, personally identifiable data. AIR has strict internal data governance and security policies, including rules regarding the secure transfer of data, the storage of and access to personally identifiable information and other sensitive data, and documentation of data destruction.