Survey Administration Planning

This page provides helpful information that schools may use to administer the survey to their graduating seniors.


Schedule A time for students to Synchronously

complete the Survey

Students can complete the survey during homeroom, advisory, a subject all seniors take, or whenever works for your school’s schedule. Download the student survey planning handout, which provides guidance and ideas that other counselors are using to administer the survey. Work with other key staff in your school to develop a survey administration plan. And let us know when you will administer the survey and who will conduct follow-up by clicking the link below. 

Watch this short video to learn about how other counselors are administering the survey!


Let Parents/Guardians Know

Students who are under 18 should share a digital flyer about the study with parents/guardians that contains information about the project and directions on how parents/guardians can opt their student out if they prefer their student not to participate. Counselors should distribute or post the digital flyer according to their plan prior to administering the survey.   



Let students know how to take the survey with you or other staff by sending information using the following methods or other ways you know will get students’ attention. 

  • Administer the survey during whatever synchronous time you’ve planned. 

  • Post the survey link and info as an assignment in your learning management system (Schoology, Google Classroom, etc.). 

  • Ask student government representatives to share the survey link on their student group chat. 

  • Send the survey link and attachment on the Remind app. 

  • Email the survey link and info to graduating seniors. 

  • Post to the school’s social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter) using the social media materials in the handout below. 

During the administration window, counselors can access real-time lists of which students have either completed the survey or declined to take it so that they know with whom to follow-up. You will receive the link to check student response in an email from AIR and it will be unique to your school.